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Paint pictures with words. Use your hands. Use your imagination. Let yourself get carried away. Dance when the music plays. Look inside the multi-dimensional world of art. Take those magic moments home.

Shoot accurately here and now. Aim high. Jump, slide, turn somersaults, hang down and run around. Keep fit.

Be whoever you want to be: a star of the big screen, a princess or a model. Play with colours. Plan your party. Meet new friends. Make your dreams come true.

Be a grown-up. Go shopping. Count, weigh and measure. Make your own choices. Fill your own shopping basket.

How do you boil water? How about bread or a roll? Find out more about chocolate. Does taste matter? Become the Chef of the Cooking and Botching Kitchen.

Enter a land of imagination. Create a world full of colour. Develop your skills. Explore your talents. Be a discoverer in unknown lands.

Build soaring towers and create bridges. Construct impressive buildings. And all this thanks to thousands of colourful Cobi construction blocks.

Play and win. Exercise your memory. Practice. Develop your reflexes. Compete in the football or basketball world cup tournament and experience the taste of victory.

Crayon or spray? Plasticine or clay? Draw, paint, cut, model and stick. Little people creating big things. Become a real artist.


Plan your visit to KIDDOS.

Choose a class you like. Develop your passions under the supervision of a professional. "Active point" - a class for the active. "Culinary adventures" - for novices in the art of cooking. During the "EKO World" class you will learn how to live at one with nature. "Kids' knacks" will help develop your talents.


Friday 4 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Sunday 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.


Children staying at the hotel

1st hour: 25 PLN/child Each additional minute beyond the 1st hour: 0.50 PLN/minute/child

2 hours: 50 PLN/child Each additional minute beyond the 2nd hour: 0.50 PLN/minute/child

Other Children

1st hour: 30 PLN/child Each additional minute beyond the 1st hour: 0.60 PLN/minute/child

2 hours: 60 PLN/child Each additional minute beyond the 2nd hour: 0.60 PLN/minute/child


"All day"

PLN 70/child


Payment in advance for access to KIDDOS area is required.
An hourly stay fee is charged according to the price list, based on the actual duration of the stay with precision up to 1 minute.
Admission grants access to all activities organized within KIDDOS premises.
Admission also includes unlimited access to water facilities.


Can parents / guardians join in and participate in the activities organised at KIDDOS?

Unfortunately, there is no such possibility.

Who supervises the children while they play?

At KIDDOS, the children are supervised by qualified staff who are responsible for their comfort and safety while playing.

How is the price of my child's stay calculated?

Payment for the first hour is made at the KIDDOS reception in advance. After completing the first hour, the remaining fee is calculated based on the actual time of stay and our pricelist, to an accuracy of one minute.

What should my child wear?

Children are required to change shoes and wear sportswear. Outer garments are to be left in the cloakroom.



Your birthday is a special day

Your birthday is a special day. You long for it the whole year round. In your mind you plan who to invite and the presents you would like, and you wonder where you might go this time. You want this day to be special. KIDDOS gives you the opportunity to spend time in an exciting and original way. You can choose the theme for your party from the classes organised by KIDDOS. If you have been dreaming of a fantastic birthday party that everyone will remember for a long time, then we will make it come true for you.

Schools & nurseries

Would you like to move your class to KIDDOS?

We have special programmes designed for nurseries and primary school classes 0-3. Our classes are devoted to various subjects, to introduce interesting facts about the world around us. Our workshops teach core skills like working in a group, self-reliance and savoir-vivre, as well as developing artistic skills - all while they enjoy themselves in our incredible, interactive environments!

To ensure the participants get the best out of the experience, group sizes are limited to no more than 12 people. If there are more participants, they are divided into smaller groups.

Buy a play pass

KIDDOS play pass

We have play passes available for everyone who wants to freely and regularly visit KIDDOS.

valid for 1 month - pay PLN 100 - use PLN 120

valid for 3 month - pay PLN 300 - use PLN 340

valid for 6 month - pay PLN 500 - use PLN 550

For parents

Who is KIDDOS for?

KIDDOS is a unique place for children and "little adults", providing plenty of attractions. It is the greatest centre in the world for adventurous explorers, aged 4 to 12, where they can play, learn and get to know a world without limits.

Check out play areas

Your child's safety

In order to ensure the safety of the children while at KIDDOS, we have created a number of procedures. As part of the registration process we will ask you to fill in a form and then we take a photo of you with your child. You have the opportunity of monitoring your child online while playing. The child can only be collected by the parent/guardian whose photo was taken during registration.

KIDDOS was built and equipped using only safe, certified materials that meet the legal requirements.

Rules of use

Entering the KIDDOS premises means accepting our rules and regulations.

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